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Utretch, The Netherlands
last month

We currently have five product teams working on all aspects of Blendle (like our award winning native apps, our recommendation engine and a collection of services to tie everything together). Each team consists of a bunch of crazy-smart people who are working together to build the best possible products (like our latest brainchild Blendle Premium).

To make sure we're building the right things, each team has a product manager who works with them to figure out where to go next. We're working with OKRs, which means a lot of autonomy and responsibility for you and your team. Together with your team, you decide on new features, you ship them as experiments and help make good, grounded decisions based on data and research. But it all comes down to building the best version of our apps we've ever had.

We are looking for a brilliant Product Manager who is going to take charge of our native iOS and Android Apps. In the last 2 years, we have built award-winning apps that were featured on the Apple App Store and all kinds of websites. We're super proud of what we have achieved so far, but at the same time we're looking for someone with experience in the mobile space to lead all our native efforts and get it to the next level.

Both of our apps are built based on the latest technology: our Android app is partly built on top of Kotlin, and a large chunk of our iOS app is built in Swift.

These are the top reasons we chose to join Blendle, in no particular order:

1. Blendle fulfils an important task

Journalism is a vital component of any society, but even the greatest newspapers and magazines continuously show a decrease in sales. Blendle offers a new revenue stream which will help ensure the continuity of great journalism.

2. Simultaneously, we make many people happy because they'll also be able to read all those brilliant articles without needing subscriptions

We enjoy creating a product that is enjoyed by over 650,000 users now and and hopefully it won't take too long before we reach millions of people.

3. A fun team

There are eighty of us at Blendle. And there's a killer vibe. Check out these enviable snapshots of us at the office and on weekend trips

And anyone who doesn't care for weekend trips or swimming does something else. Because everyone does what feels right to them. Which brings us to number four:

4. Freedom

You decide when and where you work. Roland starts his day opening his laptop on a Rotterdam balcony, Marten travels Europe by train pretty much every week so he can answer his e-mails (and conquer the world while he's at it), and Jean regularly spends the night talking to himself in our chat program whilst coding. We assume you know what works best for you, so you don't need us to make the rules. Another example: backend programmer Koen likes to attend our meetings virtually, as he's in Curaçao (and does a wonderful job there, too).

Hopefully there are multiple points on this list that make you just as enthusiastic as we are!

And that brings us to our inevitable wish list:

Your communication is crystal-clear. The balance between shipping and fine tuning is something you guard closely. You have a keen eye for detail, but you keep the big picture in mind as well. Saying no to stuff comes naturally to you.

You are responsible for managing the roadmap for one of the products we manage, together with the rest of the team, so you're constantly looking for the next step here.

Ok, here is the list:

  • You can see yourself in at least 15 of the 21 signs on this list: https://medium.com/conquering-corporate-america/21-signs-youre-dating-a-product-manager-2ceabe1cfab2
  • You have extensive experience with shipping at least one complex product (but preferably more) on Android or iOS (but preferably both)
  • You're the type of person who cancels their date to watch the Apple Keynote (or drag your boy/girlfriend along)
  • You are a strong organizer
  • You have a passion for beautiful software and great products
  • Running AB tests is not something you only wished you could do some time in the future, but actually have experience with
  • You are able to translate hard and complex things into a simple story
  • You seek collaboration and are just a really nice and awesome person to work with

Do you match our user story?

Tell us why you think you're a good fit for us. Please don't send us your resumé, but tell us what projects you're proud of and what your role was in the process.