Product Managers are tech-savvy pioneers, with one eye on what’s new and the other on what’s next. Starting with the customer in mind, they develop cutting-edge products that bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to banking. Product Managers are dedicated problem-solvers who leverage big data, agile principles, and human insights to reimagine the way people interact with money – creating experiences that simplify and enhance our customers’ lives.

Senior Manager, Technical Product Management

Capital One is building a next-generation banking experience: one that blows past the industry status quo and delivers a world-class digital experience that resonates with how consumers live their lives. To do that, Capital One needs to expand its suite of services far beyond what normal banks expect of themselves.

We’re looking for a Senior Manager, Technical Product Management that has the chops to understand how companies deliver value through new platform distribution models, empathize with developers as their customers, and build a roadmap to solve those needs. You’ll span Strategy, Design, Tech, and Marketing to continue to grow the DevExchange API Gateway and Cybersecurity experience as it evolves in market.

To fit in, you have to believe in the power of APIs, be jazzed about delivering amazingly simple experiences that improve people’s lives through simple, straightforward digital tools and technology. You have to true everything back to the customer (internal and external developers) ensuring you’re both solving a need for them and delivering business value through a technically sound product.