By focusing on developer experience, MongoDB has reimagined what a database can be. Today it is the fastest growing database on the planet. In addition to the core database, MongoDB offers a growing suite of enterprise tools, integrations and services. MongoDB Compass ( is our intuitive database GUI tool based on an extensible plugin architecture that allows users to easily understand their data through schema exploration and data visualization. Are you a customer advocate who is used to identifying opportunities, setting direction, and influencing releases? Do you act as a catalyst to help the engineering team realize the value of their work and bring out the best team performance? Are you passionate about the craft of software engineering, patterns, good and proven practices? Would you rather look at new ideas than uphold status quo? Do you want a fun job that is at the very edge of modern technologies and deeply immersed in what customers want to do with MongoDB? Join our team!

Join us! Let’s change what’s possible for application developers, system architects and database operators!

The right candidate will have

  • A proven track record of success in product managing and delivering software solutions targeting developers or other deeply technical personae
  • Skills to effectively communicate product strategy to all of the relevant stakeholders
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Solid technical skills — our users are developers, DBA's, SysAdmins, etc. Our product managers must be just as technical and have working knowledge in these areas to better advocate for our users; while not expected to write production code, you should be comfortable diving into new code, learning from existing examples, exploring APIs, triaging bugs, analyzing support cases, and speaking authoritatively on any of the technical aspects of the tools in your portfolio
  • Experience conducting user research  — since the tool is visual, we pay special attention to the elements of user experience
  • You will need to work closely with the UX team to conduct user observations, understand their preferences and pain points, review wireframes and, in general, focus on improving user experience end-to-end
  • Data analytics skills — we collect a lot of telemetry data about the way our tools are used. Correlating it with other data sources and gaining actionable insights is a part of your job
  • Decisiveness and accountability
  • Curiosity, desire to learn and adapt
  • Have experience working on a distributed agile team that successfully delivered multiple products/releases

Position Expectations

  • Explore the problem space, interact with the customers, formulate the vision and maintain the roadmap for your area, keeping it aligned with the company’s strategic priorities
  • Deeply understand all aspects of the business — your job is to ensure a business outcome, not just product definition
  • Communicate complex concepts in a manner that is easily understood by multiple audiences
  • Define user experiences/scopes and provide necessary advocacy for them to be executed on
  • Work closely with the product design and engineering teams to design, architect, implement and ship new capabilities of the tools to delight users
  • Balance (sometimes conflicting) priorities on a roadmap to benefit users and enable new use cases, maintain a prioritized backlog
  • Advocate for our customers with passion about operational performance, predictability, and security
  • Collect and analyze data that drive product decisions
  • Be just as comfortable reporting bugs and reviewing technical designs as they are collaborating on a marketing campaign, running a survey, or producing sales messaging
  • Collaborate with peers in product management & other disciplines to ensure alignment and common success

Success Measures

  • In three months, you will have onboarded on the current MongoDB technologies & tools, reviewed / refined existing user stories and JIRA issues, successfully triaged new issues with the engineering team, taken ownership of the existing roadmap and the product backlog
  • In six months, you will have produced multiple GAs inline with the team’s “release often” philosophy,  delighted customer with new/improved experiences (you’ll need to define your metrics to measure customer success with your deliverables as well), identified new opportunities; you analyzed telemetry data to better understand your user audience, performed segmentation and identify requirements for each segment
  • In twelve months, you will have continued to deliver frequently; you will have also made progress in igniting the plug-in developer community, providing necessary learning resources and co-marketing opportunities; researched new and existing markets, identified some new trends and started their exploration in a methodical way which would help refine your roadmap; contributed to other projects, presented to customers, user groups, and conferences, and gained strong support and respect of your team and other stakeholders