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TransferWise was founded in 2011 with a clear mission: Money without borders – so people and businesses can send, spend and get paid in any currency, wherever, whenever.

Sure, the heart of what we do is international money transfer. And we’re committed to making it instant, convenient and fair for millions of people, all over the world. But we’re growing our other products and our teams at an exciting pace. And we’re looking for the very best to jump on board.

What it’s really like to work here

At TransferWise, we do things a bit differently. There’s no corporate nonsense, and no old-fashioned hierarchy. Instead, we work in dozens of self-sufficient, autonomous teams. Think of them like start-ups within a start-up that learn from each other.

Each team picks the problems they want to solve. So there’s no micro-management. No hiding behind fancy job titles. And no one telling you what to do. You are your own boss. But you’ll get tons of guidance and plenty of support from talented, super-smart colleagues from all over TransferWise.

We’re going to be upfront — the way we work doesn’t suit everyone. But if freedom, autonomy, and life-affirming, head-scratching professional challenges rock your world, we could be a match made in heaven.

A bit about the job

  • Your mission is to build world-beating, world-class products.
    It’s a huge challenge, but an exciting one. You will help to define the future of TransferWise, figuring out how we can revolutionize international money transfers for customers globally.
  • Choose your own path to success
    Don’t expect anyone else to tell you what to do. You are the mini CEO of your team and you’ll be figuring out the vision and goals together as well as how to measure them - setting the KPIs.
  • Lead by example
    Not only will you lead a product team yourself, but we'd love it if you could help other diverse and autonomous product teams. This means understanding their potential and providing insights and data where necessary. As we are a data focused company, it helps to know what makes each of the teams tick to make sure they are focusing on the proper KPIs.
  • Communication and inspiration
    You will be responsible for understanding the why and how of the product so you can communicate the TransferWise story to anyone - from your banker to their grandmother!
    We have many satellite teams and it's important that you communicate product changes so that they stay in the loop.

A bit about you

  • Are customer-focused
    At TransferWise, customers always come first. You need to have passion for making a real impact on customers’ lives. We are a company doing great things, but we couldn’t do it without our customers being ready to start a revolution.
  • 3+ years of experience in product management
    Either you have run your own company or delivered high impact projects.
    You need to have ideas. You’re going to change the world, so we want to see what exceptional ideas you’ve had before.
  • Are someone who loves to get things done
    You make things happen instead of wondering why things happened.
    You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility. We do not hire people just to manage other people. We expect you to deliver results directly.
  • Have a head for numbers
    You are data-driven. You need to be able to prioritise the value you can add to customers, and numbers are the best way to do this. You can give examples of how you have moved some metrics before.
  • Have excellent attention to detail
    If you’ve skimmed through without reading this bullet point, I’m sure a bank would love to have you. Our secret word is “mayonnaise”.
  • Have some technical knowledge
    You may have started out your career as an engineer or maybe it's a secret passion. Either way you need to be able to communicate effectively with our product engineers.

If you’d like to understand our culture and product better, here’s a few articles for you to read: Autonomous teams, Product = people, What’s next for TransferWise, Building conviction, Anatomy of the founder interview, Stop pretending to eat your own dog food

As you might see on the next page, we've made sending us your CV optional in the beginning (but it might be asked in later stages of the process). This is because at TransferWise, we are more interested in who you are, not what a piece of paper shows about you. We are curious to see what is it that you are passionate about and what makes you tick. So, in order for us to get a better sense of you, we’ve thought of two questions we’d like you to answer instead.

Some important stuff we would like you to know

To meet our regulatory obligations as a licensed financial services company, TransferWise needs to take background checks on all new hires, which may include Criminal and Credit checks. Please discuss with the Recruiter if you have any concerns regarding this process.

At TransferWise we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Therefore, we want to make sure that our recruitment process is accessible to everyone. So if you need any reasonable adjustments – at any point in the process – we’ll do our best to help. Just let us know what you need on your application form, or drop us an email at You might need a reasonable adjustment if you’ve got a disability. Or maybe you live overseas, and you’d prefer to meet us over Skype.

Please don’t send anything to the adjustments address if you’re a recruiter, or if you’re making a speculative application. We do work with recruiters from time to time – but only through LinkedIn. And we only accept job applications when a position is actually open. So you’re better off just checking the recruitment pages regularly.