Cambridge, MA

2 weeks ago

We are building software to make video for business friendlier, more powerful, and accessible to everyone. The Product Manager finds opportunities to turn customer problems into product solutions, and then guides them into reality.

To us, Product Managers are:

  • Curious. They seek out and learn from our customers, our teammates, and the market broadly.
  • Strategic thinkers and planners. They take the swirls of nebulous feedback and focus them into concrete problems or opportunities to take our product to the next level.
  • Natural coordinators. They rally teams and keep everyone in the know. They gladly take feedback, and make sure we're ultimately building the right thing.

Being a Product Manager means different things in different places. At Wistia, it's a complex job-but there are 3 key areas:

  • Developing relationships with many people and teams within the company to work most productively and ship the best possible product.
  • Understanding our customers' problems and needs at a deep level, so that we can prioritize which ones to work on and build delightful solutions to resolve them.
  • Learning from feedback (both internal and external, qualitative and quantitative) to hone a better development process and a better sense of how our product should work.

Product Managers are curators of the "why" behind their project. It's up to them to make sure we fully understand the problem and define the possible space for solutions. PMs work with designers and engineers to come up with the right solution for the customer and the business. During development, PMs make tough prioritization calls, act as the nexus of communication within a project, and are the decision maker (when required) to unblock the team. Finally, PMs define and track metrics for the products and features they ship. When we fall short of expectations, the PM digs in and determines how to move forward.

As PM, your success will be measured by:

  • Shipping excellent product. Above all, we value simple, clear, and beautifully minimal solutions that our customers value.
  • Identifying the important problems to solve for the customer and prioritizing the team to solve them. We prioritize constantly so that we can trust our teammates to do the most important work.
  • Creating focus for the team. We believe well-aligned groups can create more high-quality work in less time.
  • Moving fast and feeling positive. We've got a lot of learning to do, so our teams need to be nimble and have a great time doing it. We don't play the blame game.

This role reports to the head PM for Video Marketing. A background in product management isn't strictly required (we like to help teammates grow!), but experience working on a product will give you a leg up.

Upon coming on board, you can expect to:

First 3 months:

  • Learn how the video hosting part of our business works (from key stakeholders) and how we approach our opportunity from a product perspective.
  • Meet customers through interviews, meetups, and support emails.
  • Lead a development team, with support from Molly.
  • Ship several improvements to the product, track the impact, work with marketing to position and publicize them, and iterate where necessary.

3-to-12 months:

  • Develop an opinion on the future of the video marketing product and the market.
  • Refine and communicate a vision for a specific part of the video marketing product.
  • Ship several major features or improvements in service of this vision.
  • Define and track the performance of this work and how it relates to company goals.

The type of business we're building:

We work hard to ensure Wistia is an inclusive and diverse place where everyone feels happy, fulfilled, respected, comfortable, and welcome. You can learn more about the type of company we're building on our blog. Check out our Jobs page to get a feel for our culture and the benefits of working at Wistia.

We want you to grow, contribute, and have fun here! We know the biggest investment we can make is in our employees, so we provide:

  • A competitive salary and stock options package
  • 401k with 3% company contribution, regardless of whether you make contributions
  • Flexible hours
  • Fully paid healthcare coverage for you and your family (including dental) and a healthcare FSA
  • Up to 12 weeks paid family leave
  • Flexible vacation and sick leave
  • Transportation subsidies
  • A convenient office just south of Central Square in Cambridge, MA. We're right on the Red Line, surrounded by great restaurants, parks, and even a dog park.

If this sounds exciting to you, we hope you'll get in touch, so we can continue to build a great company and product together!