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Team Overview

As a leader in the sharing economy, Airbnb is on the cutting edge of Trust & Safety. Our hosts are opening their homes to travelers from around the world, and our Trust and Safety team works to build a foundation of trust in our community that makes it all possible.

The Trust & Safety team takes on unique challenges that are both online and offline. We must be vigilant of online marketplace risks while also facilitating experiences happening offline in over 34,000 cities in 190 countries. Our team must deter, detect, and defuse potential bad actors that attempt to take advantage of Airbnb and its users.

We balance a fine line of introducing sufficient friction while providing a great user experience. We build fraud detection and machine learning algorithms & services, user-facing challenges & flows, internal operations tools, and much more (most of which cannot be divulged here). If you enjoy working with massive data sets and constantly evolving problems, then you've found the right place.


  • Become a domain expert in risk: how could the bad guys take advantage of Airbnb or its users?
  • Balance that careful line between just enough friction while providing a great user experience
  • Understand the technical aspects of problems and solutions
  • Holistically own projects taking them from inception to launch
  • Conduct experiments to understand the impact of our risk mitigation efforts
  • Work side-by-side with world-class engineers, data scientists, designers and operations team


  • Risk industry experience (financial fraud, account integrity, user generated content)
  • Strong technical competence to weigh in system design & technical tradeoff decisions
  • Experience working directly with engineers and data scientists
  • Thrive working in a fast-paced environment and love solving non-trivial problems
  • Product chops: understanding the needs of your various customers (internal and external), experiment, build and iterate
  • Strong interpersonal skills: able to push back, ask questions, challenge others while creating lasting partnerships
  • Understanding of machine learning, SQL, Hive, and other analytics toolsets
  • Capable of running database queries and digging through requests logs
  • Awesome written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize highest impact projects
  • Travel to SF & Portland - once a month travel to at least one of these locations; Occasionally Dublin & Singapore once a year


  • Experience working in a fast pace, changing needs, limited resources environment
  • Basic understanding of and experience with machine learning
  • Previous experience in risk mitigation
  • Traveled as a guest or a current host on Airbnb


  • Work with a team of engineers, data scientists, and designers focused on proactively keeping our users safe
  • Understand the constantly evolving needs and requirements from different parts of the organization
  • Craft a vision or goal for risk mitigation and continually drive toward it
  • Deliver the present while building for the future