As Product Manager for TurboVote, you will be acting as a product owner and project manager, working from end-to-end— from sitting with our executive leadership to make strategic choices AND down in the details of planning sprints and onboarding partners. In doing so, you’ll be supported by a constellation of software developers; a researcher who brings extensive knowledge of election administration; a partner support team with significant experience implementing across higher education, nonprofit, and corporate environments; and a COO dedicated to corralling the external resources you need to succeed.

You will:

  • define a shared vision for TurboVote’s impact and financial sustainability
  • synthesize academic research, user interviews, partner feedback, and staff insights into a clear roadmap for TurboVote’s future growth, and the user stories to see it built
  • lead the ideation, development, testing/QA, and launch of new features to make TurboVote THE platform for civic engagement
  • collaborate with the TurboVote partnerships team to communicate roadmap priorities, introduce partners to new features, and delight our implementers
  • pair with a lead developer to define implementation for new features, ensure clear conditions of acceptance (including unsexy stuff like internationalization, accessibility, scaling and browser compatibility), and participate in regular sprint-planning meetings with the developer team to plan and prioritize their work
  • advise Democracy Works’s executive team and shape organizational strategy

You are:

  • obsessively attentive to detail
  • empathetic, comfortable acting as users’ biggest advocate
  • able to see the big picture and maintain strategic focus
  • persuasive, able to communicate your vision to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • a fantastic listener
  • creative, in the way that can pare ideas down to a clear wireframe and an initial MVP
  • at ease facilitating both a focused one-on-one conversation and a boisterous group debate

You have experience:

  • building a new product (or significant new release) through its entire lifecycle—from ideation through launch
  • drafting technical architecture requirements, whether solo or in collaboration with a technical team
  • implementing a variety of development processes (agile, kanban, scrum) and navigating the strengths and weaknesses of each method in getting things done
  • communicating across different areas of expertise and coordinating teams with diverse viewpoints
  • conducting user interviews/direct product research and distilling insights
  • designing user interfaces
  • representing a product or project to clients or other external stakeholders
  • developing strategic plans