Product Manager




San Francisco

2 weeks ago

Selling a home is complicated and expensive- Haus is fixing that. Haus helps homeowners sell their home with or without an agent by providing them with tools to navigate the process, a transaction platform to conduct the sale and the guidance of real estate experts when they need it. Our mission is to help people move forward by simplifying the home sale, bringing it online and lessening the cost.

We are

  • Early. We have a successful early home seller transaction product in market with active users, but we're still early in our journey. We were founded at and our small team (~7 people) operate out of the startup studio, Expa.
  • Ambitious. We are simplifying the home selling process within the giant residential real estate market. The typical process of selling a home is confusing, opaque, and complicated. We are fixing it by giving sellers and buyers transparency in the process and the information, tools and expertise they need to conduct a successful transaction for far less money.
  • Focused. We believe in ruthless prioritization. We are solving the hardest problems first and building from there.
  • Values-driven. The journey to meet our ambitious goals has a huge impact on our lives. We want it to be full of integrity, inclusion, courage and respect.

You are

  • Communicative. This role stands in between several functions on the team, so constant, clear and documented communication is essential. You are a great listener with whom others are eager to share their thoughts and ideas. You should be able to empathize with other functions while articulating the drivers behind product requirements and constraints.
  • A Strong Product Leader. You can lead without authority through your deep understanding of the varied user types and stakeholder groups. You appreciate the business goals and therefore understand and can articulate the tradeoffs in product decisions, including short- and long-term consequences.
  • A Research-driven Decision Maker. You have enough experience and good instincts to make decisions when no data is available. However, you believe in the importance of user research and will maintain the integrity of research-driven decision making. You may not already know everything about residential real estate but you want to become a subject-matter expert and will strive to do so.
  • A Company Builder. The product might change, the team structure might change, the market might change. We need someone who's committed to building a great company starting with driving great product management.
  • Technically Proficient. You may not be an engineer by training but you can understand the basic capabilities and constraints of our React & Node stack.
  • Experienced Shipping Software. You are an experienced PM, you have led a product development team at a startup, you have built software from initial concept through shipment and understand what it takes to do so.


  • Product Management
    • Frame and recommend decisions in terms of prioritization and sequencing, based on feasibility and complexity, using input from all relevant parties
    • Manage the push and pull of scoping, bridging long-term strategic goals, market insights, user feedback and metrics on one side; and team vision, team feedback, technical and legal feasibility on the other
    • Drive product definition forward establishing the development priorities
  • Project Management
    • Own documentation for product planning, progress and specification
    • Own user feedback and metrics documentation
    • Balance the specificity required by team dynamics as well as the product and stage
  • Research
    • Lead customer feedback and translate the qualitative feedback into product insights
    • Advocate for research-driven decision making
    • Manage the continuous user research process including recruiting research subjects and setting up interviews
    • Learn and stay on top of the competitive landscape and complementary technologies
    • Define and measure product KPIs


  • Minimum of seven years of professional experience
  • Minimum of three years as a product manager and in most recent role
  • Experienced team leader
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to building a company


None of the following are required for this position:

  • Identification with a particular gender, race, or national origin
  • Having worked with anyone on the team before
  • A particular age
  • Sharing the same hobbies or beliefs as the other members of the team


We are excited to offer a full-time role with awesome comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance. We offer pre-tax flexible spending accounts for both health and transportation, a 401(k) plan and a competitive parental leave policy. We also have fantastic office space close conveniently located, spectacular views and your choice of computer.