As a part of the Jet Customer Experience team, this Director is responsible for leading product for some of Jet's core capabilities across customer-facing touchpoints – including web and mobile web, as well as collaborating closely with the Native App team. This role will play an integral part in defining vision and goals, strategy, product discovery and implementation of all aspects of product discoverability on Jet. Discoverability includes the disruptive product presentation through search, browse, and personalization.

The Director will be responsible for driving multiple workstreams to rapidly improve the ease of Jet's customers finding products across our online experiences. Foundationally, this begins with close collaboration with our internal and external product data teams to define what high-quality, rich data and user-generated content is needed on a per-category basis, in order to facilitate shopping decisions, reflect Jet's tone-of-voice and instill trust with Jet for every focus category. This partnership also includes understanding and influencing the rules powering the user-facing taxonomy, by identifying a combination of industry-standard and Jet-specific expectations of how our users want to shop. Jet's phase is very early stage so initially the work is foundational set up and builds, with the opportunity to strongly influence the approach and get these critical concepts right from the get-go!

Central to this role is also working with experience solutions product, design/UX, engineering, optimization, retail and marketing teams to enable a shopping experience, which exceeds the user's expectations and delights at every step of the journey. Without best-in-class navigation, search, and personalization the Jet experience would be just a typical e-commerce site – we are disrupting commerce with new ways to shop. This leader will need to champion challenging the conventional approaches and apply creative problem-solving to develop solutions which are bold technically, yet simple and intuitive.

In order to be successful, this candidate must enjoy and have strong experience managing other PMs, managing engineering and design teams, knowing when to step in with process and when to be scrappy as well as have excellent communication and collaboration skills. He or she will also work across teams company-wide to align others around a customer-facing vision and priorities. We are looking for a leader to inspire and coach a team of product managers to drive high impact for the business and make Jet an essential part of our customer's lives.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of PMs working to think big and elevate the fundamentals of product discoverability across Jet's desktop and mobile-web shopping experiences
  • Work closely with business, UX and product teams to create buy-in and translate the product vision into an actionable product strategy, roadmap and prioritized opportunity backlog
  • Comfortable going deep into the data pipeline, forming close partnerships to ensure a flow of clean and rich data to power both the user's shopping journey as well the user-facing taxonomy
  • Harvest both quantitative and qualitative data to identify root causes of pain points and the biggest opportunities for delighting Jet's customers
  • Manage the discovery and design phases end-to-end, and leverage prototyping where appropriate
  • Develop detailed product and UI requirements for large-scale and complicated features and products to drive simple, intuitive workflows for customers
  • Collaborate with our design team to oversee process of creating intuitive, elegant interfaces that will be used by millions of Jet users
  • Partner with our all-star engineering team to plan sprints, groom backlogs and deliver features and enhancements
  • Continuously test and learn, leveraging a combination of both customer-centered and data-informed decisions
  • Guide the setting of key result metrics for the team, as well as consistently delivering against aggressive improvement goals

About You:

    • BA/BS degree, with at least 5-7 years of e-commerce product management experience at consumer-facing technology companies, including 2+ years of mobile-first product development
    • Experience developing a best-in-class e-commerce experience
    • Experience building search, navigation, and personalized experiences
    • Experience with data and machine learning a plus
    • Skilled at defining and prioritizing product ideas, using common analytics and A/B testing methodologies
    • Strong leadership and communication skills, applied in a cross-organizational setting
    • Ability to collaborate well with business, engineering and design teams
    • Proven success working within an Agile development team
    • Action-oriented, independent, self-starter comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
    • Flexible, collaborative approach to problem solving, in which creative and quick thinking can lead to a solution in hours rather than days; thinks big, starts small, grows fast
    • Outstanding team leader and coach, a minimum of 1-2 years' experience building and leading product teams and managing PMs

    About Jet:

    Jet is reshaping e-commerce as we know it. Based in Hoboken, NJ (just 10 mins from Manhattan), we are on the relentless pursuit of building the world's greatest customer experience for shopping online. At Jet, we believe in bold. That means taking risks, asking "why not", looking where no one's looked before and crushing it!

    Our engineers are utilizing and building world class technologies to optimize the supply chain, remove unnecessary costs, sprinkle in some surprise and delight - all while delivering our customers the best possible value on products they love (and we're just getting started!). At Jet, we have worked hard to build a culture that stresses the importance of learning and of sharing knowledge. If you want to be part of the team that is disrupting the shopping norm and you're capable of smashing the status quo, we have a hunch you'd look good in purple.